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What Are Our Qualifications?

At Growtrust Partners, we believe that our clients deserve an educated, experienced, and qualified professional committed to the financial well being of your family, your business and yourself. In addition to state and federal licensing requirements, we are continuously participating in ongoing financial education.

What is a CFP® professional?

Education: CFP® professionals must develop their theoretical and practical financial planning knowledge by completing a comprehensive course of study at a college or university offering a financial planning curriculum approved by CFP Board. Candidates must also have a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

Examination: CFP® practitioners must pass a comprehensive two-day, 10-hour CFP® Certification Examination that tests their ability to apply financial planning knowledge in an integrated format.

Experience: CFP® professionals must have three years minimum experience in the financial planning process prior to earning the right to use the CFP® certification marks. As a result, CFP® practitioners possess financial counseling skills in addition to financial planning knowledge.

Ethics: As a final step to certification, CFP® practitioners agree to abide by a strict code of professional conduct, known as CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. CFP Board also performs a background check during this process, and each individual must disclose any investigations or legal proceedings related to their professional or business conduct.


What is a ChFC®?

ChFC® stands for Chartered Financial Consultant. It is a professional financial services designation granted by the American College to individuals who have proven themselves to be:

Educated by completing an eight-course curriculum focused on the comprehensive financial planning process.

Qualified by passing a series of written examinations.

Experienced by meeting the specified experience requirements or having three years of qualifying professional experience.

Ethical by maintaining ethical standards and adhering to the American College Code of Ethics.

What is a CASL™?

A Chartered Advisor for Senior Living™ (CASL™) is a financial services professional who assists mature clients and those planning for retirement. The CASL™ designation is granted by The American College to individuals who successfully complete a challenging five-course curriculum and meet additional experience and ethical requirements.

What is a LUTCF?

LUTCF stands for Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow. The LUTCF designation is granted by The American College to professionals who have completed a five-course curriculum focusing on life insurance planning and have met additional ethical requirements.